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Evolution provides everything you need in a simple, intuitive interface. From account management to reporting, Evolution is fully integrated to give collection agencies the best debt collections software experience possible. Click below to learn more.

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Immediate Productivity

Ease of use + nothing to install = immediate productivity.

Immediate Productivity

Evolution runs in the web browser so it works with software available on any computer. There is no bulky software to install and maintain.

Ease of Mind

Let Evolution's reporting features tell you when a placement isn't liquidating or a collector isn't performing. Run reports based on criteria that make sense.

Efficient Collectors

Evolution is incredibly easy to use. Your collectors will be making calls and collecting debt soon after getting setup.

Constantly Evolving

Because our software is web based, we are able to update it frequently. Those updates are available to you immediately.

Work Queues

Stop wasting time. Our queue creation tools allow you to get creative with how you assign accounts.



Which placements are worth your time? Which collectors are the most efficient? Evolution has the answers.


Evolution never forgets. If it's really important, we can send you a text message or email reminder.

Why Evolution?

Evolution Collect debt collections software is the answer to the widening deficit between the needs of our current debt recovery environment and the software suites available to manage those realities. As previous collection agency owners, we feel other options are outdated and far too expensive.

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